Aesthetic Concerns
We Address

Precision Aesthetics is a global leader in non-invasive facial rejuvenation and body sculpting.  Our practice has always been patient-driven, and Dr. Zdinak listens to her jet-set patients when they tell her about treatments abroad that they love.  If the science behind the international treatments is sound and we can bring it to the United States— we bring it.  Simple as that.  The best part is that ALL of our patients benefit from this dialogue.  These treatments are safe for all skin-tones and deliver better results than the industry standard.  Dr. Zdinak has introduced over 20 new treatments   to the United States right here in NYC.  Your bespoke regimen awaits.

“I am not the doctor in NYC that has all of the machines, I am the doctor in NYC that has all of the machines that nobody else has!”

—- Lisa A, Zdinak, M.D.