Loose Skin

Loose skin is characterized by reduced elasticity, resulting in sagging or wrinkled skin often associated with weight loss, aging, or other factors.

Why Treat Loose Skin?

At Precision Aesthetics, we understand how loose skin can affect your self-confidence. Loose skin can be a significant concern for many individuals, whether it is due to weight loss, aging, or post-pregnancy changes. If this is an issue for you, our professionals at Precision Aesthetics in NYC are here to help.

Why do we get loose skin as we age?

Loose skin often occurs when the skin loses its elasticity due to factors such as:

  • Aging
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Post-pregnancy changes

The skin’s elasticity is influenced by collagen and elastin – naturally occurring proteins that allow your skin to return to its normal state after stretching. Our bodies produce less of these proteins as we age, leading to loose, sagging skin.

Why choose Precision Aesthetics?

  • At Precision Aesthetics, we are not just about treating loose skin – we are about creating an experience. Our practice is built around our patients, leading to natural-looking results that rewind the clock by a decade or more. We have honed some of the most innovative non-surgical methods worldwide to address your concerns without extensive downtime.

  • Our clinic is a high-end boutique catering to celebrities and discerning individuals seeking sophisticated, groundbreaking treatments. We use combination technologies, offering superior results compared to single-technology treatments. Our concierge-like service sets us apart, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction from consultation to aftercare.


What is the recovery for
loose skin treatments?

When it comes to non-surgical treatments for loose skin, such as those offered by Precision Aesthetics, recovery times are typically minimal.

  • EMFACE™: Immediate effects can often be seen, with optimal results typically developing over several weeks as the muscles continue to tighten.
  • Thermage: Some immediate improvement may be noticed, but the primary effects develop gradually over time. The best results are typically seen two to six months following the procedure.
  • Exilis: While some patients may notice a change soon after their treatment, significant results often take a few weeks or even months to manifest due to the body’s natural fat-removal process.

What are the benefits of
loose skin treatments?

At Precision Aesthetics, we offer a comprehensive approach to treating loose skin:


  • Immediate effects: The treatment often shows immediate results, which can be a major plus for those seeking quick improvements.
  • Long-term improvement: Optimal results typically develop over several weeks as the muscles continue to tighten, indicating a long-term benefit.


  • Gradual improvement: While some immediate improvement may be noticed, the primary effects develop gradually over time. This can provide a natural-looking enhancement to your appearance.
  • Long-lasting results: Results are typically seen two to six months following the procedure, suggesting that the benefits of this treatment can last for a significant period.


  • Delayed but significant results: Even though significant results often take a few weeks or even months to manifest, when they do, they can be quite noticeable.
  • Natural fat breakdown process: The treatment works in line with the body’s natural ability to break down fat, which can be less invasive and more comfortable for many people.

What treatments are available for loose skin?

The EMFACE device is the #1 treatment for facial sagging, followed closely by Thermage. Dr. Zdinak was among the first of only 5 doctors in NYC to be given an EMFACE device by the manufacturer to treat clients. Her expertise will guide you through your consultation to determine the best treatments for facial sagging for incredible results. Here are some of the best options for incredible, natural-looking results:

  • At Precision Aesthetics, we offer a variety of treatments for loose skin designed to stimulate collagen production, tighten the skin, and restore a youthful appearance.

    • EMFACE™: This face-lifting device uses a patented technology for muscle contraction and skin-heating. It is the first FDA-cleared, non-invasive aesthetics device that tightens facial muscles and lifts loose skin along the jawline. EMFACE™ works by combining radio frequency and muscle stimulation.
    • Thermage: This device is used for facial rejuvenation. Thermage is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency to heat the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production and resulting in skin tightening. Thermage can address loose skin of the: Eyelids, Face, Neck, Stomach, Arms, Legs, Buttocks and Hands.
    • Exilis: Dr. Zdinak was the first physician to bring the Exilis device to the United States for aesthetic purposes. Exilis uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep layers of the skin, stimulating fat cells to release fatty acids and encouraging the body’s natural purging process.

    Each of these treatments is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and concerns, ensuring optimal results.

Start your journey to
younger-looking skin today.

Loose skin is a common concern, but it does not have to be something you live with. We can help you achieve tighter, firmer, more youthful-looking skin with the right treatment and care. Let us guide you on your journey to enhanced skin health and confidence at Precision Aesthetics.