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Mark Kasabuski, PharmD

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How to Get Your Certified Medical Marijuana Card


Learn the 3 steps you need to take to get a Medical Marijuana Card for New York State

  • Medical-Marijuana-CerificationDid you know? Telemedicine via Secure Video Conference allows you to meet with a Medical Marijuana practitioner without leaving home.
  • Find a Caring Practitioner: Get your Marijuana Card Certified by Caring Practitioner
  • Coverage: We Service in Every County In New York State
  • Same Day Certification –  One to One Expert Consultation – Follow Up For Success – 100% Secure Online Visit – Quick Response
  • YES, I believe I have a qualifying condition and would like to get my Medical Marijuana card.

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Our Address
2 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016

One Eyed Bandit
January 09, 2020

Short version: Amazing thank you!!!!! Will be back many times! Welcoming and knowledgeable staff, and Mark rocks! Other version: Came in today after getting my medical card and I am the best I've been in what feels like forever. Everyone who works here that I met today was super heckin' knowledgeable and explained the stuff and you could tell Mark genuinely wants to help people it's so cool. I felt welcomed and they were all so nice to me and my mom. Very grateful! Mom's gonna get her card too and hopefully she can come get help as well! Note to Mark, this is the first time in DAYS I've been awake at this hour and not been in a pretty fair (or unfair) amount of pain. So again many many thanks!!!!

SGT Luie
February 21, 2020

This location is small and cozy. There are comfortable couches in the waiting room and the staff are all very friendly. I like the in depth 1 on 1 experience with the pharmacist. I was in complete privacy with the pharmacist which allowed me to open up about my medical problems without fear of someone eves dropping. The military discount is awesome. Overall, great experience.

Deborah Baskin
December 24, 2019

What a gem!!!!! Everyone is super helpful, kind, patient, and informative. They are not looking to sell you something you don't actually need nor do they try to get you to purchase a more expensive option. The pharmacist listens very carefully to your symptoms, concerns, and preferences before making any recommendations. They are only interested in meeting your medical needs. And, they offer senior citizen discounts!

P. Waldman
December 31, 2019

Really nice place and a change of pace in Manhattan....with the care that you’ll find at Etain but with friendlier prices overall and more to choose from. Friendly, caring pharmacist and staff. Much appreciated discounts for those who need it.

Marlin Gibson
August 01, 2019

From the receptionist to the pharmacist to the dispenser all world class service..the environment and details from each to make the process so smooth. They each explained every option and gave detailed information on the difference levels and benefits... I will recommend them highly.

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