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Melissa Jones
June 27, 2020

I’ve had the best experience with FP wellness and their staff so far. I haven’t been able to go inside of the dispensary due to Covid but I had an over the phone consultation with one of the most helpful and informative staff members. I was able to order over the phone and I was able to choose a pick up time. My first visit I was also given a first time customer discount. I can’t wait to actually be able to go inside and meet the friendly staff that has helped me so much! Strongly recommend them for your cannabis needs!

Adam Wamon
February 19, 2020

I returned to Greece after living in a state allowing actual mmj use, and the ability to remove 12 prescriptions (not pills) from my daily Regiment. After obtaining my NYS license card last year, fp wellness staff have repeatedly proven themselves as caring, knowledgeable, and honest in there services. After hearing repeatedly of various dissatisfactions from clients at other area pharmacy shops, I would highly recommend this location to you for all your mmj needs. For me it is worth the 15min drive from my home, around Greece Ridge mall to the city. For recommendations on products, this last visit they recommend a cureleaf vapor cartridge- the preimium 80%. This has been the most effective product yet available in NYS that I've tried, that replicates the effects similar to true indica flower available back home. Stay safe & keep smiling

philip papas
June 12, 2020

Prices and sizes that they advertise on their website are sometimes not what they charge in store. Their point system does not always register money spent there. The sales are subject to change without notice sometimes the same day as the sale is offered. Roughly 1/4 of their disposable vapes flat out don't work and another 1/4 have issues. Due to the current COVID situation they aren't accepting returns. Reasonable, though ironic because when I inquired about the pricing situation on their website; the pharmacist Michelle, with the dead tooth, felt it necessary to come outside and yell in my face (less than a foot away) like it was my fault their prices on their website were inaccurate. This is highly unprofessional especially in a business that works with people suffering from PTSD. You maybe asking yourself how did you know she had a dead tooth, well while screaming at costumers handling and preparing medication for some of the most vulnerable in our population, she wasn't wearing a mask, or any other PPE, during the height of the COVID epidemic. Avoid this place like the plague. Poor costumer service, price gouging, sub-par products and eventual legalization will lead to the failure of this business, which I believe will be a good thing for the community. In the mean time, Columiba Care, also in Rochester offer a 20 percent discount for new costumers and first delivery is free. Columiba Care has also shown immaculate respect social distancing laws, has correct pricing on their website, and has higher quality products at comparable prices; with the added bonus of not endangering the costumers and treating them like garbage. (I have no finical interest in Columbia care, just a concerned costumer.) Furthermore, during normal airline pricing if you are planning on spending around 450-500$ it is cheaper to buy a plane ticket to Colorado or hop in your car and drive to Massachusetts to make purchase there. Stay safe.

May 30, 2020

HORRIBLE process! I'm in line with 11 other people whom are equally frustrated. Please figure a better process to serve your customer!!

beck b
January 13, 2020

Seriously love this place ! Just started going here and as a first time patient they were so nice and helpful. Great at listening to pick out the product right for you. I don't understand the bad reviews that are on here bc I couldn't imagine anyone I've dealt with there being rude or unprofessional. Amazing products too! This is definitely the place I'm sticking with

FP Wellness Rochester | Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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1150 University Ave Bldg 5 Suite 7, Rochester, NY 14607, USA

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