How To Dose My Medical Marijuana?

9April 2019

With the legalization of Marijuana  in New York, many ask, “How To Dose My Medical Marijuana?” There is something that has become a norm in this regard. It’s called micro dosing. Micro dosing basically means taking small doses of Medical Marijuana during the day in order to gain maximum therapeutic benefits.

Many patients consuming marijuana for medical reasons believe that the less medical marijuana you consume, the greater are the benefits you will experience out of it. Medical practitioners too believe this method can deliver maximum therapeutic benefits, without suffering the ‘high’ that can get in the way of the patient’s daily activities.

Is There Evidence That Micro Dosing Works?

There is sufficient evidence to back the practice of micro dosing and how it can be the best way of taking marijuana if you are under prescription.

During 2012, a study was published in the Journal of Pain about the amazing benefits of lower doses in pain relief. The researchers brought in multiple groups of patients who were suffering advanced stages of cancer. To these, they administered different doses of marijuana in order to manage the response that their bodies gave.

What Did The Tests Show?

All of these patients were first tested with opioids. However, there were no significant results. Once the patients were given diversified amounts of CBD and THC, they showed significant improvement. However, patients who had been given lower doses (of around one to four daily sprays of cannabis) saw greater pain relief and recovery than the ones who were given significantly higher doses (of 11 to 16 sprays daily).

Another study recently published in the same journal also concluded that lower administered doses of Medical Marijuana had a better impact on patients experiencing severe nerve pain. Patients administered four puffs of vaporized cannabis had almost the same pain-relief as others who were given more.

So, What Do The Experts Say Is The Correct Dose?

Experts have now validated the authenticity of lower doses. However, they have questioned the term ‘micro dose’ itself. Dr. Allen Frankel  is a renowned expert on the topic of Medical Marijuana. He believes that ‘micro dose’ doesn’t really have any meaning to it because the term, in itself, is vague.

When asked about the dosage routine that is best for the body, Dr. Frankel said, “I will say that, from the beginning, we’ve always been low-dose users because we found that to be effective. My definition of a correct dose of cannabis is the lowest dose that works for that patient in that moment in time. Sometimes it will be two milligrams; sometimes it will be 30.”

Based on this description, the best dose for a patient, is the one they are most comfortable with. Every person’s body reacts differently to cannabis, so it is a matter of trial and observe. The patient needs to practice different doses and see which one makes them feel the best.

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