Medical Marijuana and Patients In Chronic Pain

29January 2019


What are the known benefits of marijuana for chronic pain patients? Medical cannabis contains an endo-cannabinoid system which makes it efficient when it comes to relieving chronic pain. This system is considered vital for the way our body manages and deals with pain naturally. Because it acts using our natural bio-pathways, Medical Cannabis can safely be used to mitigate chronic pain in your body. Here’s how.

Observed Effective Relief

The most significant and important benefit of cannabis when it comes to persistent, chronic pain, is its ability to provide pain relief. Scientists who have actually studied the effect of marijuana in pain reduction have found positive clinical effects in patients suffering from chronic pain.

Control Addiction

The pain reduction abilities of marijuana are well studied and established. However, one question remains – is marijuana or cannabis an addictive substance? The only reason medical professionals have actually shun away from using opioids is because of the addicting properties of these class of drugs.
Surprisingly, Cannabis carries little danger of addiction. For this reason, it is a more secure alternative to opioids. Besides, it also offers better pain relief than opioids. Patients can now benefit from the medication without fearing the impact of getting addicted to it.


The State Department of Health, New York, has set some regulations that now permit patients who are clinically diagnosed with Chronic Pain to access Medical Cannabis for treatment.

The qualifying condition for such prescription is that an individual ought to be medically diagnosed with chronic pain that limits their movement and deteriorates their health. Additionally, such patients are only allowed to use the drug, if they have a previous record of pain reduction therapy that have proven ineffective.

In order to apply for a MMJ prescription for chronic pain, a patient must produce medical records that show that their pain has been around for over 3 months with no signs of lessening. The practitioner consulting the patient is likewise needed to predict whether the pain will be around for the next 3 months or not.

So, in order to get a medical cannabis card in New York state, it is mandated that the patient offer evidence that they have actually been suffering with chronic pain for over 3 months, and that the medical practitioner opines that the pain will last for 3 months or more in the future.

A patient has a stronger case for medical marijuana prescription if they have another associated condition linked to their chronic illness. Associated conditions like muscle spasms or sudden weight-loss qualify in this regard.

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