13May 2019

Pharmacists in New York have been dispensing medical cannabis for a couple of years now. Only Board-Certified Pharmacists are allowed to dispense medical marijuana items to pre-qualified residents in New York State. According to the law, any center that dispenses medical marijuana can not even open shop, or operate, unless there’s a New York state – licensed pharmacist behind the counter of any medical marijuana dispensary.

Registered practitioners of the NYS Medical Marijuana Program can advise their patients on appropriate dosing and how to administer to their clients, In addition, they can also delegate this action to the Pharmacist at the dispensary.

While you might ask why your MMJ practitioner may do this, there are a number of possibly excellent answers.

First, not every dispensary offers the products that may be recommended to you in the dose or kind of administration that you were asked to take. For instance, a few dispensaries may offer pure CBD oil with no THC while others may not carry oral pills.

Then there are other factors. What if you have Schizophrenia and your regional dispensary will not sell you any items due to the fact that all of their items include THC – which is believed to aggravate hallucinations and misconceptions? What if you have fat malabsorption and can not tolerate oil items and require a water- based item?

As you can see, there are a variety of scenarios that the practitioner or the dispensary needs to consider.

Let’s not forget that medical marijuana can be an expensive venture which requires cash or debit card payment upon purchase. Dispensaries do not take credit card payments. The amount you are willing to invest may also be a defining aspect. Practitioners are not in a position to know item prices at dispensaries and are legally forbidden from steering you towards one over the other. This makes the pharmacist the best person to put all of it together for you at the time of the purchase.

A thorough discussion of your qualifying condition with your nurse practitioner or doctor will ensure that you get the information you require to plan for medical marijuana use to help your condition, Over and above that, you should also consider the opinion of the dispensary pharmacist. Sometimes you will be prescribed a dosing recommendation on your certificate and at other times you will be given the opportunity to have the pharmacist help you with this. Your certificate is your passport into the dispensary. When you visit, present your certificate and come prepared with a list of symptoms that happen throughout the day and during the night. Also list the frequency and intensity of your problem( s). Sit down with the dispensing pharmacist and invite your caregiver to join that discussion. Talk about your illness and the objectives of treatment to figure out the suitable dosage and solution. The pharmacist is a professional who is well versed with symptom management. They comprehend the products and have actually a specialized understanding of the pharmacology.

In short, get to know the pharmacist at your local dispensary!

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